Membership rates

Below are the prices for the various types of membership grades. Please note that these are applicable to Sri Lanka. 

Affiliate (Studying) - £50

Affiliate (Professional) - £100

Associate (ACIM) - £115

Members (MCIM) - £135

Fellow (FCIM) - £170

Chartered Marketer - There is no additional fee to become a Chartered Marketer

Learn more about which membership grade you qualify for through our website or contact Manjula or Malsha on 0112564860 for further information.

Assessment fees

Tuition Costs

Your study centre will be able to provide you with the cost of tuition.

Other costs (Payable to CIM)

Foundation Certificate in Marketing - £100.00 per module

Certificate in Professional Marketing - £115.00 per module

Diploma in Professional Marketing - £135.00 per module

Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing:

First year membership fee - £180.00 in emerging markets
Subsequent year’s membership fee - £100.00

Assessment Fees, Stage 1 - £360.00 (£90.00 per module)
Assessment Fees, Stage 2 - £360.00

How to make your payments to CIM

You have a wider choice in selecting how you can pay your CIM registration fees, exam fees, annual subscription etc.

• If you wish to pay online, you may visit the CIM UK website and pay your fees using your credit/debit card.

• If you wish to pay by a bank draft you will need to draw an international bank draft in favour of "The Chartered Institute of Marketing" and hand it to our regional office along with your application.

• If you wish to do a direct debit transfer, you may mention your credit/ debit card number in the payment advice in the application form itself.

• If you wish to make your payment in local currency, you may make the payment to your closest branch of Commercial Bank. Please note that cheque deposits are not accepted. Please call our regional office for the exchange rate for the day and for the account number of The Institute. Bring the payment confirmation slip received from the bank to the CIM Sri Lanka office together with  your application form.

• You also have the convenience of making your payment by credit card at our regional office. This involves an additional 3% handling charge.

For more information, please call the CIM Sri Lanka regional office on 011 2 564 860.